What they're saying....

Brent Clemenz
, runner, says...

"Mark has provided coaching to me over the past two years in preparation for the Indianapolis Mini-Marathon.  His wealth of knowledge made a significant impact on my experience as I had never run a mini before.  His instruction was informative, thorough, and timely.  I will continue to utilize his support for future events."

Carol Bangert, volunteer parent and runner, says...

"Mark asked me to assist him with the Marathon Relay Team at Sunnyside Middle School. This was a huge undertaking and I was thrilled to help. Mark did an outstanding job on many levels:

- Mark was organized. He had a well-planned set of stretches and daily runs to get the kids in shape for the marathon relay.
- Mark was a knowledgeable teacher. He taught the kids not only the basics of running, but demonstrated good running techniques and pointed out areas for improvement – for both effective running and to prevent injury. He also taught marathon-running rules and etiquette.
- Mark was patient and upbeat. He was able to work through the chaos that 5th and 6th graders bring to any club and created a smooth, efficient group of runners by the day the marathon rolled around.

Most importantly, Mark made running fun. This was most apparent at the marathon when, between laps, kids were enthusiastic, cheering on fellow runners and excited to get on the track again.

My daughter participated on the marathon relay team, and the benefits were many: She made new friends, got a good daily workout, set goals for herself, and, much to her delight, continues to point out flaws in my running form."

Karen Beasley, 5th Grade STEM Teacher, says...
"Mark offered an excellent opportunity for many Sunnyside Middle School students through both cross country and track programs he initiated. Students came with a wide range of experience levels, and Mark was able to make all athletes not only feel successful in their running, but instilled a sense of teamwork among the kids. He trained daily with students to get them ready to participate in a local marathon relay, putting together 3 teams of 8 that completed the event.  I look forward to assisting him again next year."

Jim Bennett, PE Teacher, says...

"We are beginning to see a running culture start here at Sunnyside and I think it is VERY EXCITING to see so many out for XC….(Cross Country). EVERY student can DO IT and feel some accomplishment each practice! We are VERY fortunate to have Mark Acher as the coach, who not only KNOWS what he is doing, but is GREAT with the kids, and makes sure they are all included…fast, slow, slower…"

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