Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Time to get outside! (when possible)

Between the rounds of arctic blasts that our dear midwest area endures during ever winter come the respites of manageable winter running. Don't get to hung up on sticking to a fixed schedule; especially if your next event is quite a ways down the road. Be flexible. Don't beat yourself up when your run gets pushed back or pushed off to another day. Running is at least 75% mental (Unless you're past mile 20 in a marathon, then it's 95% mental!). Train your ability to deal with setbacks, especially ones that are completely out of your control. 10 degree high temp with windchills below zero are definitely out of your control. 

On the flip side, be ready for when the cold breaks and you find yourself looking at temps in the 20's down to maybe 15 F. With reduced winds, those can be some great running conditions.  

Again, don't be to rough on yourself when you can't get out. But, be ready at the first opportunity to get out when you can. 

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