Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Time to get outside! (when possible)

Between the rounds of arctic blasts that our dear midwest area endures during ever winter come the respites of manageable winter running. Don't get to hung up on sticking to a fixed schedule; especially if your next event is quite a ways down the road. Be flexible. Don't beat yourself up when your run gets pushed back or pushed off to another day. Running is at least 75% mental (Unless you're past mile 20 in a marathon, then it's 95% mental!). Train your ability to deal with setbacks, especially ones that are completely out of your control. 10 degree high temp with windchills below zero are definitely out of your control. 

On the flip side, be ready for when the cold breaks and you find yourself looking at temps in the 20's down to maybe 15 F. With reduced winds, those can be some great running conditions.  

Again, don't be to rough on yourself when you can't get out. But, be ready at the first opportunity to get out when you can. 

Congrats on all the Fall 2016 race participants

Congratulations to my friends, family, clients and fellow runners who took on the challenge of a fall event (5K, 1/2 marathon, marathon or ultra). Thanks for all the inspiration. 

2016 Year End Tallies

For me, this year has been geared toward consistency and running injury free. I had no specific event goals nor any real distance or time on my feet goals. With that said, I do always have the number of 3,000 annual miles in the back of my head. 

I've had a few tiny streaks throughout the year. Four streaks of 15 days running or longer with the longest being 24 days in a row. Although, if you count days where I was not running but I was doing runner-specific strength training, you could count many more streaks for many more days. 

And, I went relatively injury free all year; not counting some minor overuse irritation on occasion. 

I, as do most runners, see areas where I wish I had done more. But, overall I am pleased with 2016. 

Also, I love seeing how our little spot in the world changes through the seasons. 

Hey All, I'm Back!!

Actually, I really never went anywhere. 

More accurately, I'm recommitted to posting after a very busy 2nd half of the year. From August of last year to today, I've been engaged with many activities, some of which include: 

Lafayette School Corp
Lafayette Sunnyside Intermediate School 
Intramural Cross Country 

2016 was my 5th year coaching our introductory to Cross Country activity for 5th & 6th graders (10, 11 & 12 year olds) and it was our most attended year every. With 95 kids registered, our daily attendance was averaged near 50! Thanks so much to LSC for allowing me this opportunity to share what I love. 

Lafayette School Corporation 
Tecumseh Junior HS
Cross Country

I spent time this summer and fall supporting our Jr HS Cross Country team. Here is the group that under the terrific leadership of Coach Valerie Thomas qualified for the State Championship in Indianapolis. 

Lafayette School Corporation
Tecumseh Junior HS 
Ladies Golf

Also during the fall, I spent a substantial number of hours supporting the Jr HS Lady Broncho Golfers and their fantastic 1st year coach, Michelle Ferro.