Friday, March 4, 2016

Spring Training

Winter is lingering on with us here in the midwest. But, I've started to see shorts on the ever increasing number of runners hitting the sidewalks and parks these days. Spring can't be too far away. 

And, with every spring comes the chance to train for a running event; be it your 1st event, your fastest event, a new distance event or a coming-back-from-injury or time-off event. And, I'm here to help you.

As for Group Training, I won't be offering group training this Spring for our traditional early 5Ks and Half Marathon. If you are interested in group training and you are local to our area, I'm happy to refer you to my friends at Tri-N-Run or Fleet Feet. They put on well run & support training programs each year.

If you are not local the area, please check in with a couple of your local specialty running shoe stores for training plans they may offer or know of.

As for Individual Training, if you are local to the area or not, I always stand ready to assist you with tailored training specific to you and your individual needs and goals. By having your own coach in your corner, you can have the confidence that you are training wisely in an effort to get you to your start line healthy and ready.

Just email me at with your interest and I'll connect with you to get started. You'll be ready to get out there just as soon as Mother Nature starts to loosen her grip.

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