Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Marathon Relay Team: Fantastic Results!

On Saturday, March 28th, the Sunnyside runners that trained for 6 weeks competed in their event:  the relay portion of the Circular Logic Marathon. Every runner that committed to running on event day was in attendance at the start of the race: when it was 18 degrees. And, almost all stayed through the entire event: 4 plus hours. 

With this unique distance running event taking place on a 1 mile loop, all the event participants were able to see the Sunnyside runners on the course often and were they past our base camp many times (most of them 26 times) during the day. From those non-Sunnyside participants  I heard nothing but positive feedback about the Sunnyside runners; namely how positive they were, how much energy they brought to the event, how well they ran and how much fun it was to have them participate. I personally witnessed all of the same. 

The Sunnyside runners, as three separate teams, ran 26 laps on the one mile course, exchanging a timing device at our base camp mostly every lap, to complete the full marathon distance. This was truly an epic event when you consider how far each had to run in total, one mile at a time. The goal was to complete the event. But, there was a clock on the runners as well. Here are the time results: 

Sunnyside - Team White:    Finishing Time 4hr 27mins 24secs
Anna - Marianna - Marco - Jerry - Robert 

Sunnyside - Team Red:     Finishing Time 4hrs 22mins 9secs
Evan - Eduardo - Charlie - Lucas 

Sunnyside - Team Black:     Finishing Time 4hrs 16mins 52secs
Leo - Luis - Kaiah - Brett

Once again, this event was a success due to the hard work of Karen Beasley. As always, thanks Karen. 

Photos from the event can be found HERE